Inspired by the magical feeling of taking a hike through a lush damp forest full of unique and one-of-a-kind beauty of nature. The texture of the bark, the organic shapes of the falling leaves, the glow of the moon while a lunar eclipse is underway are all inspirations for this collection, The collection is designed for the bohemian woman who likes to wear clothing in muted tones that compliment her complexion and always dresses in clothes that can take her through her workday into an evening of socializing over dinner with a friend. 

Inspiration Board below- created during the Super Moon Eclipse.

Hand sketching and panting process shown below before prints are finalized in Adobe Suite. 

Final Sketches pictured below

Full size and finalized prints all created in full repeating patterns and digitized in Abobe Photoshop. All are unique and share a similar organic line and hand drawn feel.  

Feathers individually painted with watercolor medium- pictured below. 

Galaxy prints pictured below- Inspired by cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula. 

Floral Garden Print hand drawn (pictured below) with pencil and colored and composed in Abode Photoshop.

Neckline Graphic pictured below would be printed on woven organza fabric and appliquéd on to a lace blouse neckline. 

Pictured below is a handmade embellishment that can be used as jewelry for this collection. 

Hope you enjoyed reviewing my most recent collection made with love and passion.