This Summer 2015 collection was designed for the Nurture brand that is sold at Dillards.

This Portugal collection is inspired by fresh tomato, chambray, turquoise, and ivory shades that are easily worn in high summer months

Some key details of the collection intricate tile prints and embroideries that can be easily worn back to chambray, denim, or soft white. 

All sketches below are created in Adobe Illustrator and filled with color and print in Photoshop.  

Illustrator and Photoshop sketches placed into outfits for look book (pictured below)

Additional sketches and accessories (pictured below)

Custom handdrawn pant print (pictured below). This style sold very successfully at Dillards because of the comfort and wearability in this timeframe.

Hand-drawn border print created with fine tip markers (pictured below)

Hand-drawn henna style print for tiered skirt (pictured below)

Two-tones chambray border print inspired by Portugal decorative tiles (pictured below)